Roof Trusses

Our pre-fabricated roof trusses are constructed in a series of automated manufacturing processes. They are designed using sophisticated software that enables a fully integrated roof design. The manufacturing process then provides a true "built to last" product.

Automated from Design to Delivery

Pre-fabricated roof trusses come through an automated manufacturing process:

  • Designs are computer engineered to exactly meet your plans using the Mitek 20/20 software
  • Cutting layouts downloaded to computer controlled CNC driven saws
  • All products produced via auto-set press mechanisms

Fully Integrated Roof Design

Pre-fabricated roof trusses enable a fully integrated roof design and eliminate issues surrounding stick built structures. They provide a more efficient use of timber resources and give greater design flexibility and structural integrity.

State of the Art Manufacture

State of the art pressing equipment including Planx and Autojig automated table press systems and modern Kwik-Set pedestal jigs.

Built to Last

Pre-fabricated timber truss and framing products combine timber; the best and oldest building material; with modern automated manufacturing processes. Pre-fabricated timber truss and framing:

  • Will never rust
  • Will provide better protection than other building materials in the case of house fires
  • Has a low carbon footprint
  • Is made from renewable and recyclable resource
  • Provide good thermal and acoustic qualities

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